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Cookbook: Vegan Soul Kitchen

What's that? You haven't yet heard about 'Vegan Soul Kitchen: Fresh Healthy and Creative African-American Cuisine'?

And just where have you been hiding? Obviously not the vegan food blogosphere, as this little number has been taking the vegan world by STORM.

Luckily for us vegans, Bryant Terry had the smarts, foresight, and most importantly- talent- to see that the vegan cookbook world was lacking a massive hole where soul food was concerned, so he set out to correct this.

For my own part, I have had limited access to what is considered the good old southern soul food (Hello White Girl from New Jersey), but everyone has their own personal soul food (for instance I read that the Japanese version of soul food is miso soup!), so I understand the connotations loud and clear. And flipping through the recipes, there is a sheer ton of recipes that jump out and call to me.

Now the problem is where to start! Oh...and where to find okra in Amsterdam? I wouldn't know an okra if it jumped out and bit me on the shins.

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of this cookbook as a gift just yesterday when my parents were in town! (Thanks guys!) So I officially owe them a vegan soul food feast the next time I see them. And as my Dad is from Tennessee, I'll have a lot of living up to do!