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Lush's Solid Shampoo

After several people have ooh'd and aah'd over Lush's solid bars of shampoo, I finally gave in and gave it a go today in the shower. I chose the Jumping Juniper because I have oily hair and that was the one recommended.

The concept behind the shampoo is that all of the liquid is taken out of the shampoo, because you can easily add the water in the shower. So the little shampoo pellets are mixed with essential oils and condensed into a little round cake, and all you do is rub that cake on your hair (only a few times) and then scrub and the bubbles just EXPLODE on your head.

I know, I didn't believe it either and was always scared to try it, but it works! It definitely took a leap of faith, but my hair is wonderfully clean today, still has a nice smell after 10 hours, and doesn't have any traces of buildup or residue (normally a problem with my hair).

Even more satisfying is that condensed solid shampoo is in line with Lush's policy for little to no packaging, as you don't need a plastic bottle that will eventually make it's way to a landfill (especially if you live in a city that DOESN'T RECYCLE PLASTIC coughcough*AMSTERDAM*cough*).

AND (as if that wasn't enough!) you can easily travel with this little shampoo cake, which lasts for about 80 showers. So no more worrying about tiny bottles that you have to fill with shampoo to get through customs!

Win-Win-Win Situation!