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Speculoos Spread for Bread

"mmmmmmm, lekker*!" as the Dutch would say.

This spread has the consistency of smooth peanut butter, but the taste of Speculoos cookies. Speculoos cookies (also called speculaas in the Netherlands, spekulatius in Germany and sp├ęculoos in France) have an almost gingerbread taste- a bit caramel-like and spicey- and are pure heaven. The main spices are: pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg. Normally they are either given with your coffee or tea at a cafe, or sold in the stores primarily around the Christmas holidays.

Apparently this spread comes from Belgium, and that makes total sense because the Belgians are known for decadence (think: beer, chocolates, waffles, etc). Of course they would have thought to turn the cookies into a sandwich spread. Who else would have thought to do it but the Belgians!

Luckily I didn't know about this spread during the 5 years that I lived in Brussels (is it new perhaps?) otherwise it would be showing in my thighs today. That it is vegan is mind-blowing and completely awesome.

This brand, Lotus, is also sold somewhere here in Amsterdam, but for now I think I'd be best not to find out where exactly, otherwise I'd be there every other day, replenishing my supply. My friend bought this one for me, which makes me think she is both wonderful and evil.

* 'yum!'


Anonymous said...

This spread is so delicious and addictive. I'm happy to live in Belgium and to find this spread in every store. It's kinda new. It's originial from a TV-show: the inventors. A woman invented this and it became a big hit. Now everyone is eating it over here. In the beginning it was always sold out. It's supposed to taste like when you sop your speculoos in your coffee. People really do that overhere al the time.

James said...

Is it available in London?

Clare said...

I just discovered this by accident at the supermarket today. Someone had left a jar by the coffee (why on earth did they change their mind?). It is AMAZING. I doubt it will be very long before I start eating it straight out of the jar...

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late on this, but I just wanted to add my piece. I'm visiting the Netherlands, and my Dutch friend mentioned Speculoos (Speculaas, DEVILSPREAD) to me, and I finished the whole jar within four days.

I googled it because someone told me it's Belgian and I wanted to back it up, and I must say I'm VERY pleased to find it on a vegan site! Although, maybe I shouldn't be so pleased that I found it at all, it's AMAZINGLY addictive.

Nice post :)

CoolPapaD said...

My sister-in-law just sent me a jar of this from Germany (I've been vegan since last January), and I had to Google it before I ate it - had NO earthly idea what it was. This stiff is effing amazing - I've eaten 2 sandwiches in the hour since I opened it!

Vittle me this... said...

this looks so yummy!