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VeganMoFo: London's Inspiral Lounge

Ack! I just realized that VeganMoFo started yesterday! I was away in London and was flying back yesterday so I guess a good post to start with would be this vegan cafe that I stumbled across on a night out drinking in Camden.

There I was wandering a little drunkenly when I looked up and across the road was a sign that said: VEGAN CAKES.

We scuttled in just before they closed and I got a peanut butter chocolate slice of OH MY LORD GOODNESS with a side of rice whipped cream and a sprinkling of powdered chocolate.

This was a perfect happy little stumble-upon as I had very little time to eek out vegan places in London during the day (except one more which I will post about tomorrow). I gobbled that down and even my carnivore companion was pretty damn well impressed.

By the magical powers of the internet, I just found out that the place is called Inspiral Lounge. I'm so heading back there when I am back in London. The staff were super-friendly, the place was chill with an excellent menu (also a lot of raw foods and desserts), and the view over the water was amazing!

Also, I might very well skip Happy Cow for London, and just use Vegan-London instead. Seems a bit more up to date. (Also Vegan Europe is a growing forum for travel-related vegan needs in Europe! Check it out!)

5 comments: said...

I loved the ice cream at Inspiral when I was there so you'll have to get some of that next time you're in Camden!

Bonnie said...

Whoa, vegan cake. It looks great. I love stumbling across vegan places (actually that has never happened to me. but I would love that!)
And thanks for the links. I had never heard of those websites! I'm going to have a look at them now.

Anonymous said... mouth is watering! Your visit to Inspiral was simply...inspiring! Something inside my head is now saying "Must.Make.Cake."


Susan said...

How fantastic is that feeling when you randomly see the word 'vegan' where you don't expect it, and suddenly you are eating cake!

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