The Fun Side of Veganism

vegan shoes, clothes, bags, food, restaurants, toiletries....everything to live the compassionate lifestyle in Amsterdam!

Come, Eat and Be Merry!

For any vegans out there passing through Amsterdam this summer, or already here, there is a Post Punk Kitchen Meetup here on the 6th of June.

Take a gander and mark your calendars:

Also going on this same weekend:

The Environmental Film Festival hosted by Strawberry Earth and Greenchoice. This is the first festival of its kind because the organizers proposed this film festival to a few cinemas in town, and then asked them how much of the profit they made during this festival they would contribute to making their own operations more eco-friendly and green.

The winning bidder was Het Ketelhuis, who said that they would pledge 100% of the profits from the film festival. Not only that, but whatever money they save from these changes they will donate to an environmental charity- for TEN YEARS! Now that is something special.

This film festival is going on right where we will meet for the PPK meetup, so this should be a good weekend!

See you in June!