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Vegan Snack Bars on the Go

On my way into work sometimes I stop into a vitamin shop called De Tuinen for a quick snack so that I don't starve during my shift waiting for my break.

This past time I went in there, I snooped around a bit and found quite a few more things that were all vegan!


From the top left we have:

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bar, which nearly tasted like a Bounty bar, despite the lack of coconut (curious....but delicious!).
  • Quinoa Bar which was just like a sesame snap bar, probably because of the sesames in it.
  • Wallaby Bar with Macadamia Nuts and Cashews- good, but not quite as good as the Eat Well bars you can get (if you can find the ones without honey).
  • Nakd Bar in Berry Cheeky- a raw fruit and oat bar! In berry flavor, which was good but not as good as.....
  • Nakd Bar in Banana! To die for good, if you like banana flavored things. I see on their website that they also have Apple Pie and Cocoa Loco flavors! Wonder where I can find them...
  • Date & Fig Bar- like the middle of a fig newton bar without the bready outside layer.
  • Sesame Snap Bar- good if you like sesames, which I do!
So there you have it. If you are looking for a quick bite to hold you over for a bit, just look for the De Tuinen sign (there are several in town as they are a large vitamin chain) and see what they have.

My recommendation is definitely the Banana Bar!

Just so you know, they also carry an animal-testing free range of cosmetics (I haven't tried them yet) and face care products (which I have tried and do like) but as they carry a wide range of vitamins, I can't be sure about the rest of their products. I see on their website that only their own brand of vitamins and face & body care is not tested on animals, so maybe best stick to that! Another good thing to note is that many of the bottles of vitamins will say 'Good for Vegans' straight out, although usually in teeny tiny writing on the back label! (In Dutch: Geschikt voor vegetariers & veganisten).

Always a nice touch in my opinion!