The Fun Side of Veganism

vegan shoes, clothes, bags, food, restaurants, toiletries....everything to live the compassionate lifestyle in Amsterdam!

See you, See me

Another fun side of veganism is spotting other vegans in a crowd!

Case in point:

Supermarket, Monday night

Guy: Hey, I like your shirt! (I was wearing a Roots of Compassion hoodie with the saying 'Until all are free, no one is free' this girl actually! Only I wasn't making that face.)
Me: Oh, Thanks!
Guy: Are you a vegan?
Me: Yeah! Are you?
Guy: Yeah!
(Big cheesey vegan grins all around.)
Me: Do you live in Amsterdam?
Guy: No, I'm just visiting for a few days.
Me: Oh right, because it's kind of a small vegan world and you tend to get to know all of the vegans around here....
Guy: Oh, yeah, no just visiting. ...Do you know Gijs?
Me: Gijs! Yeah I know Gijs! (Gijs is an Amsterdam vegan.)
Guy: That's who I'm staying with. I'm here with his girlfriend.
Me: Santina?!
Guy: Yeah!
Me: No way!

And then around the corner comes Santina, girlfriend of vegan Gijs.

So, what did we learn?:

A) it's fun to spot and connect with other vegans in the crowd! And easy too- just look for the black hoodies with a message!


B) it's a small world when you're a vegan! Especially in Amsterdam!

More vegans need to come here please thanks!