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Creole, Indian, Caribbean, Chinese- All In One Meal!

I already posted something similar on my other blog, but it is even more appropriate for this one.

Last night we had a friend over, so I finally got a chance to try out a recipe from Vegan Soul Kitchen. I chose the Cajun-Creole Spiced Tempeh (page 10), topped it with Indian Coconut Chutney and a simple tomato salsa, with a side of Chinese Broccoli in asian sauce, and African Bean soup.

A meal that spanned 4 continents, and it was so good! But, we were in the heat of watching Lost so I didn't think to take a photo.

Tonight I had some leftover tempeh, so I recreated the Spiced Tempeh part of the meal with the same coconut chutney topping, only the salsa this time was Mango and Tomato Salsa, and the side was chinese pumpkin dumplings.

This time I did get a photo, so feast your eyes folks:

The tempeh came out with a slightly better texture tonight, and I really loved the addition of the mango to the salsa. Combined with the coconut in the chutney, it felt like something that we would be eating if we were in the islands of the Caribbean.

Definitely going into my 'eat often' rotation!