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Pomegranate, Raspberry and Carrot Soup

The large supermarket chain in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn, puts out limited edition specialty food products for Christmas and Easter and other large holidays. I normally shy away from these things because they are just that much more expensive (and usually not vegan anyway), but this soup in particular caught my eye.

It is a pomegranate, raspberry and carrot soup for Easter. I checked the ingredients list and it sounded so different and delicious and happily vegan so I just had to try it.

And oh my stars.

This stuff is fantastic. I first tried a cup of it warmed up- lovely. Then I had the rest of it cold, as is, right out of the bottle- just as lovely! It has the consistency and tomato base of normal tomato soup, with the sweetness of raspberries, and the seeds of pomegranates still intact. There is also a hint of spiciness, which I see from the ingredients is probably ginger.

I looked online and can't find any similar recipes, but if anyone is good at that sort of thing, please make this and send me the recipe! Maybe I'll give it a go one day too.

Here are the ingredients from the label (as best as I can translate them):
Water, 10% pomegranate puree, 8% carrot juice concentrate, 6.5% raspberry puree, white wine, 2% pomegranate juice concentrate, sugar, tomato puree, modified maiszetmeel (crap what is that in English? a binder, corn something...corn starch? corn syrup? oh no!!!), candied (?) ginger (ginger, sugar, water), sunflower oil, modified potato starch (gemodificeerd aardappelzetmeel?), salt, yeast extract, sprices, lemon juice, spice extract, and onion powder.

The only bad part is that this won't be offered in stores after this Easter weekend.