The Fun Side of Veganism

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I got a Twitter from Bryant Terry!

Hey vegans! Not meaning to brag here, but a few weeks ago I sent this photo of my meal from Vegan Soul Kitchen to Bryant Terry via Twitter.

See?Just a little shout-out to say, 'Hey. Nice book, great recipes, You're fantastic, Will you have my babies' etc.

I didn't expect anything out of it (you know....sort of famous people and how busy they might be and all). But then....Dude twitted back!

I can't even tell you how much this made my day.

All day I was like 'BRYANT TERRY TWITTED ME!'

And then of course all day I had to explain to everyone 'See I'm a vegan, right? And this guy Bryant Terry wrote this book, right? About vegan soul food....'

But I know that you all will understand better. You all GET me. <3

If this were 2 decades ago, I would totally be cutting Bryant Terry's centerfold poster out of the middle of Teen Beat to hang on my wall to kiss each night before bed.

But the times, they have a-changed.

Now I'll just post his tweet on my blog and project it out into the blogosphere.

Wow how far we have come.