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Care Package from Canada

Thanks to the PPK, Evan from Bjorked Off, joined forces to spread the vegan love by sending eachother vegan goodies from our respective countries (him- Canada, me- the Netherlands). I can barely remember what I sent him now, besides the much-coveted-around-the-world Speculoos Spread.

His package came the other day and OMG! Do you already know about these Maple Leaf Cream Biscuits? Because holy shit they are gooooood. They didn't last long enough for me to take a photo, and that link isn't the same brand that Evan sent me. This brand was Nativa, which I can't find for some reason! But they were vegan and organic and fantastic. ...VORGASTIC?

He also sent some homemade maple-peanut butter cups which are HUGE and extremely delicious. Because my camera battery is dead and I can't wait long enough to charge it before eating the very last one, I doubt they will make it long enough to see the light of day on the Internets, but if you go check out this post of his about his vegan bake sale and scroll down, I think the peanut butter cups are the very same that he sent!

Other goodies include some Chick-o-sticks and assorted other little candies, all of which will not last long, let me tell you.

Yum! Thanks Evan!